are we

WHO we are:

Niche fragrance brand with





do we want

WHAT do we want:

Awake an already existing strength

Activate self-care


Motivate self-expression

are we different

WHY are we different:

We are the first to combine conscious use of the sense of smell to build a Growth Mindset 

are our tools

WHAT are our tools:

Trainings, events & seminars

Scented candles

Reed diffusers

Aura sprays




Conscious Living

Conscious smelling is a part of the total philosophy of conscious living. We believe, that our existence is meaningful; therefore, want to activate all our senses without exception in order to feel life to the fullest.  


  • all products contain natural ingredients & essential oils;

  • only recyclable packaging

  • all products are not harmful for the environment

  • final products produced in fair, ethical way without animal testing in the UK

Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is a part of our values, as we are confident that in our current fast moving environment and stressful everyday life, mental health is often even more important than physical.  




The story is the core for our brand, our inspiration. It emphasises our believes and reasons, why we actually decided to start. With it, same as with our brand, we want to convince you, that  everything is possible and the key is the constant work on a growth mindset.

“Why do I believe scents are so powerful for our mind?


When I was growing up I would always spent the holidays at my grandmothers house in Southern Italy. My grandmother made me always do two things: eat and study. She was always saying "Make yourself proud, amore". And I think that her house itself was telling me the same with its particularly lovely smell: sweet, cosy, faithful and motivating, which for me translated into the feeling of safety and confidence.


Couple of years later, when I was traveling with my family along the south coast of France during the month of May, I was incredibly surprised to realise, that the places were some-kind familiar. I felt myself like at home, even though I was there for the first time in my life. I remember sitting in a beautiful garden talking about my future with my mom. I didn't have any particular plan yet, but I remember the feeling of courage I had at that moment and certainty that whatever I choose to do, I would make it happen. That feeling was accompanied with the sweet, narcotic scent, the same as in my grandma's place: It actually was the fragrance of blooming jasmine. 


Since that time I was always reinventing the smell of jasmine in my mind, which was like a bridge to the places, which gave me strength, and the invisible successful path through the challenging situations. Only when I became a perfumer, I recognised that unconsciously I trained myself to connect the feeling of confidence with the smell of jasmine. That put a start for the big journey we call: Scentception.