Get Inspired


we created & adore


the sun from Italy

morning on the coast or for uplifting energy & mood


orange, lemon, bergamot, cassis



rose, orris, violet



cedar wood, dry amber, musk, oakmoss

“You haven’t opened your eyes yet, but you already know that this day will rock with bitter & tart notes of bergamot, juicy facets of orange, sweet undertones of lemon and magic cassis. 

The heart is beating in desire to start the journey and to scream to the world: Watch me, yes, I can! This desire is translated through the powdery scent of orris, queen nobility of rose and fragrant, slightly fresh & green violet. 


Woody vibes of cedar, cozy & warm dry amber and warm oakmoss ultimately confirms, that it’s rock o’clock!"

Key essential oils* to start the engine of a productive day: lemon oil, orange oil, bergamot oil, which have their origins from the Italian coast and therefore absorbed not only the essential part of the sunny Riviera, but also the mood, vibes and characters of the people living there. 

Get into a positive  Mindset



the charm of France

during the day or for concentration in the fast-changing environment


bergamot, mandarin



tea, aquatic, lily of the valley, rose, geranium



cedar wood, dry amber, musk, patchouli

Key essential oils* to maintain the fire and electricity of positive sensations: geranium oil, clary sage oil, mandarin oil, patchouli oil, well known for their energizing and inspirational benefits, alike to Parisian streets, which led wings and bring to the sky.

Get into the achiever Mindset

“You are following your dream, being enveloped with sparkling notes of bergamot and juicy facets of mandarin.


The heart is full of believes and hopes, vibrating with bitter tea undertones and aquatic freedom, concentrating through the charm of geranium and classical rose on an ultimate goal to achieve and inspired by a green floral profile of lily of the valley.


Wise cedarwood, sweet dry amber, musky facets making the feeling of “everything is possible” so true and alive.”


the silence of Switzerland


after work, slowing down or for concentration at a slow pace 


bergamot, cardamom, cinnamon, pink pepper, star anis, cassis, berry blend



orange flower, lily of the valley, ozonic, freesia, tea



sandalwood, cedarwood, powdery, vanilla, musk, tonka

Key essential oils* to slow down the race and to flash back to what happened during the day: pink pepper, cardamom, star anis, cedarwood, bringing to a conscious and confident state of mind, inspired by the Swiss lifestyle and heritage.  

Get into the conscious Mindset

“The speed of the day is slowing down, but the mind is still passionately picturing every important moment happened with slightly spicy facets of cardamom and pink pepper, seductive anis, fruity cassis and a berry blend. 


The heart lights up with ozonic freedom and beats the triumph melody of the “proud of yourself” day through the notes of powdery orange blossoms, fresh lily-of-the-valley, intensely refreshing freesia and relaxing tea. 


The satisfaction and calmness you feel is coming through the wise woody notes of cedar and sandal, powdery, sweet memories of vanilla, soft musk and bittersweet Tonka.”


Get into the relaxed Mindset

“Endless rice fields are resting after the tropical day; it’s quite and still, no wind, no movement. Only sporadic exotic birds are letting the peace to be disturbed. Perfect ambience for meditation. 


The trip into deep labyrinths of your ultimate self is starting with green petitgrain, aromatic rosemary, spicy black pepper. Reaching the heart is embraced with bitter sour tones of cumin, spicy sweet nutmeg and aromatic thyme. 


The bottom of the spiritual understanding is opening through mystical incense facets, woody notes of sandal and cedar and sweet, earth undertones of patchouli."

before sleeping or for total relaxation

the magic of Bali



bergamot, petitgrain, estragon, black pepper, rosemary



cardamom, cumin, nutmeg, clove, lavender, star anis, thyme



sandal wood, incense, cedar wood, patchouli, musk

Key essential oils* to get into deep relaxing state of mind: patchouli, petitgrain, lavender, nutmeg, cardamom, star anis, vetiver, rosemary, some of which are also well known and widely used for the meditating practices on the beautiful island of Bali