• Scentception

Why is the sense of smell so special?

First of all it is the first sense that develops when we are born. We might not be able to see our mother yet, but we can recognize her by her unique scent.

Secondly the sense of smell, differently from the sense of seeing and of hearing, is directly connected to the part of the brain that is responsible for handling memories and emotions. This means that we will have an instinctive reaction when we smell something.

The difficult thing is that, this primary instinctive reaction appears in an unconscious way. In order to be able to process the reaction the information has to be conducted to the part of the brain that handles the consciousness and we have to be able to define what we smelled.

The tricky part comes with the understanding of what “caused” this reaction.

Was it a scent? What particular scent was it? How do I describe this scent?  And how do I remember this scent?

The description is key in order to be able to associate it with something. And the association is key in order to be able to recognize and memorize these invisible molecules.

Once you managed to be able to smell in a conscious way and connect certain scents to positive emotions your brain will work all independently: anytime you smell that particular scent this will trigger positive emotions and you will suddenly be happy.

We strongly believe, that constant training of our consciousness is game-changing in everyday life.

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