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We offer scent services such as creation of the unique signature scents, unforgettable scent trainings,
as well as our niche fragrances

Nadia Francesca 


Perfumer from the bottom of the heart with an exceptional sense of style, international spirit, open-minded and passionate explorer

the TEAM 


In order to understand, what we are doing and why, it is important to introduce ourselves.

We are friends, colleagues and now also business partners, a team of two enthusiasts, who are like ice and fire, where the roles are constantly changing.


We are very different, but at the same time very similar in our values and goals.


We believe, that hard work, positive attitude and courage is key to success!



Experienced marketing manager, determined fighter, inborn entrepreneur with  creative soul and out of the box way of thinking



SCENTCEPTION is a brand with purpose, personality and story.

We awake an already existing strength, activate self-care and motivate self expression. You will ask us how? The secret is hidden in the conscious use of the sense of smell. Smell consciously and build with us a powerful, growth Mindset.

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our passion

the Key to 


[yoo - noy - uh] Greek (n.)

a pure and well-balanced mind, a good spirit, "Beautiful Thinking"

The idea of the brand is inspired not only by the combination of different senses with the sense of smell, with the conscious smelling technique and the period of the day, state of mind, but also by the origins of the ingredients.


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